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Monday, May 25, 2015

Similar Bob Dylan childhood story.....

I wrote an article in the Duluth Reader Weekly 3 weeks ago and had to pull it because someone complained about the personal-ness of the Bob Dylan-Larry Kegan relationship.  This blogger has the same information basically except Larry and Gene LaFond met in college, not high school.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

These kids were excellent you know who they are?

I want that soft, sexy moment like in PLL

The music is playing a humming like song, rain is pouring softly on your dark navy blue raincoat as your crush drives by and beckons you into his warm, dry car....

Later...Hannah doesn't want to meet with Detective Holden...I think that's his name....He keeps hounding her for loose answers to a purposeful cause.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Invisible War: a documentary

I recently went on Netflix late at night on my graveyard shift.  I was looking for a military documentary about the U.S., maybe overspending in the military budget or some common theme.  I stumbled upon the Invisible War, a mind riveting documentary about 8 women who suffered long term physical and emotional problems stemming from rape in the military.  Some stories were outrageous including a woman named Corey who suffered a dislocated jaw and TMJ with pending surgery due to being slapped hard in the face during the subjugation of her body during the rape act.  Another women who was the most composed and intelligent, received no benefits after being discharged for being honest about her sexual assault by her direct commander after serving 9.5 years.  One common theme was the military's inability to educate and set consequences for military personnel who are just coming in to serve and those who have served receive little punishment if engaging in an act of sexual assault.  Less than 1% of reported cases resulted in convictions.  About 10% received lesser charges with no dismissal similar to a slap on the hand.   It covered the different ways the women had to cope after their investigation stopped (sometimes less than 3 days after they filed) they had to cope with the improper channels of follow through to even find out what happened with the investigation charges, retaliation, direct threats including death.  One woman on the West Coast who had served in Alaska with an all male personnel ended up having a major mental nervous breakdown following her departure from the service.  She was raped by a friend.  She ended up becoming gay and has a permanent partner now, living with her partner and children.  It's a pretty disturbing presentation of the military mentality, the cultural scope of what is left loose--why men feel compelled to physically become predators of their own colleagues and the lack of respect of the men to the female sex.  It also outlines one male sexual victim who was victimized by 3 men whose faces he never saw.  He divorced twice over his emotional conflict and finally found strength and comfort in his 3rd wife who he finally confided in after about 20 yrs of silence.  Enclosed is a link to a blog that covers the material in more detail and our radio show in which we discussed the cause and effect of military behavior.

Radio link...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

We changed our BTR URL to.....

Our show tonight went excellent.  Tune in to our comments on the Music Industry and the Life of Keith Green and his ministry.  We also cover George Stephanopoulos's contribution to the Clinton Foundation.  Tune in....

New song

When darkness falls
and shadows lie
Awaken Awaken
When darkness falls
and people cry
Awaken Awaken
You do not know 
your time my friend
Abandon Abandon
When cryptic ends
will cross, unbend
abandon abandon
When nuanced fate
comes to your gate
abandon abandon
when darkness falls
and heroes fail
awaken unbroken
when the sun does rise
no one on your side
unshaken unshaken
the heated cord
blows out your door
abandon abandon
sail your ship
to better shores
awaken awaken....

written by Jane Hoffman aka Scarlett Risen
debuted on air on
on May 17, 2015.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Who I am

The water is dripping slowly through the pipes and then rapidly.  It has a bubbly sound and it is creeping into the pipes below with a rapid sensation.  My fingers move as the water travels through my ears to another time and geographic destination.  The drip of the nearby faucet accentuates it.  A piece of my life was just ripped from me.  The blog I just wrote got erased.  I am working in a group home where people are at war with eachother in mood swings and unseen battlefields that will play out in repeated vengeance.  I have been 3 different places today.  Training, another house and here.  A girl with pinkish red hair provided me a short story of her long life.  People yelled in the house for no reason.  The sun would not ripen.  God prefered to expose the dark, wet, dense forest.   I heard a cackle of birds upon the soggy ground.  One man kept smoking his e cig with all the windows open.  Different flavors filtered in and out of each window until it just got cold.  People were excited about other things that I could not be thrilled by.  I wanted to leave because I could not concentrate.  Time became a capsule like the drops of water that flowed into streams that ran through the black painted pipes.  Where did the water go?  I felt like a stranger but also felt at home.  In my own home, I am a stranger.  I laughed with two people this morning over teaching kids.  One did not like to and she was only 25.  I am 54 and I can identify with middle schoolers.  They are enthusiastic.  Their world is not dark and they just keep moving.  I want to flow through the pipes and be free while not being confined.  I want to learn how to detach and do more than earn money.  I want to be self fulfilled.  Right now, I am a vessel.  I have opportunity but not free will.  I am not stifled but I am not an open channel.  Open me God to new experiences.