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Monday, November 17, 2014

C'mon Larry Elder

You buy hookers, you court worthy women....
Larry needs a woman who will agree with him on all levels.

Expendable---Journal Entry of the day

Blogging is the one thing I try to avoid these days.  Why?  Because my feelings digest like a windmill or gerbil wheel and I manage to process my feelings.  I have no need to write things down.  What is there to record at age 54?  My greal American novel is in the works, inside my head.  When I work 80 hours a week, there isn't much time for fun stuff.  All the intentions of great chapters and paragraphs spiral up into the grey nebuli in the hidden part of my brain under the folder "good intentions."  I am living out my reality, not my dream.  But I am surely blessed.  I have 2 great jobs and a weekly gig as a columnist.  The world has become my oyster even though its only 15 degrees outside.  I think the high this morning was 5 degrees.  Well, I will continue this live journal later after I sign the books and punch out from work.  It's shopping night for me and Lo Lo.  We are going to the Mall together.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Idol perfection - Adam Lambert

Unheralded talent.




My male friend & I are going groc. shopping at 3.  how quaint.

The Black Socialite: Rise Above "Hater Culture"

The Black Socialite: Rise Above "Hater Culture": As you prepare your plans for 2015, try to rise above hater culture. Don't participate in it. Don't give energy to those that say m...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Amends Step 8

I am only putting one amends up but I am mailing amends to Joan, Nancy, Steve H., Craig, Travis and my dead father.  My father will receive his telepathically.

I am not sending this to Ernest b/c I did not necessarily wrong him but he probably feels I bad mouthed him in the last 2 months.

Dear Ernest,

Maybe we were only intended to be fairweather friends and shared experiences about our favorite things like music and literature.   I felt that you were a creative person who enjoyed your first loves like music & friends.  I remember how you decorated your apartment on South Yale St. (or Boulevard?)  At a time when I wanted to escape MN and search for myself, bypassing Los Angeles as second time in 1996, it was nice to stay at your place until I got an apartment.   Although I hated Tulsa and the heat, I stuck it out for the summer because my mother was ill and my father wanted to be alone with his wife.   I don't hate you but words you use like desparate old cow makes one feel contempt for you.  It makes one feel that you are completely ungrateful for anything anyone ever did for you.  When I entered the radio world in 2010, I didn't think I had the natural talent for the job.  I had the knowledge but not a radio voice or smooth easy to come dialogue.  That I developed.  It was fun doing a creative adventure with just my ideas at the harness.  Thanks for taking care of commercials.  Back in 2011, I had no money issues and I did not mind paying the full price for BTR premium.   It wasn't any sweat off my back.  I was rather wrapped up with teaching in 2011 and could only do one show a week.  When I got to Duluth and went down from 2 jobs to one, I had time for two.  Beaten Path was a diversion from the Beaten path.  Doing radio kept me focused and motivated.  Jon was a big asset to the network and I was able to change the show from solitary uttering of facts to tangiible dialogue.  There were also many episodes where I utilized talent like Tim, Don and Yale.  You misinterpreted what I said when I asked you if Jon and I should leave the network.  You flipped the switch and TOLD us to leave for awhile & then courted Jon to stay on as talent.  You didn't engage in dialogue, you made a decision after I paid you for the month 2 days prior.  You complained it was late but it was not.  You weren't thinking about my payment, so I forgive you for that until 2 days later when I recouped $22.00.  Its all very petty now and childish that one little t hing could turn into a complete dissolution and hatred.  The only time you called me jonny on the spot the last few months was about money.  When the $$ is funny, you jump.  People say they are not money driven but in the end, the buck stops where it stops....(to be continued)......